Research Interests

Research interests:

  • The intersection of climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability
  • Sustainable buildings and urban design
  • Transformative societal change at the urban scale
  • Sustainable built environment performance evaluation – monitoring, and design of evaluation systems, including a focus on the behavioural interface: building/inhabitant hybrids
  • The potential to create processes and activities that are net positive in biophysical and human terms at the building or urban scale
  • Tools and processes for community engagement – the focus here is on using backcasting and scenario analysis techniques to engage citizens in exploring sustainable futures
  • Creating partnerships for sustainability with non-academic partners
  • The intersection of art and scenario analysis in interactive participatory processes
  • The role of the university as living lab and agent of change for sustainability
  • Generally, the intersection of sustainability, social and technological change, behaviour change, and community engagement processes.

Here is a brief video overview of my research activities as of Sept, 2020: